SBP has strategic relationships with a range of individuals and organisations who are able to add value to our clients.

The Office For Collective Design


The Office for Collective Design is a multi-discipline strategic and creative design studio that provides unique urban design solutions and concepts across a broad range and scale of projects. SBP work closely with TOCD to provide clients with visually impactful urban design concepts as well as bring specialist strategic feasibility and master planning expertise.


Savage Bull


Savage Bull specialises in custom based web development. SBP have formed a strategic alliance with Savage Bull to create user-friendly digital solutions which improve efficiency, decrease costs and create alternative revenue opportunities for our clients.


Strategic planning

Over the years SBP have identified the need to assist our clients with a structured process for the implementation and monitoring of strategic plans. We have therefore formed a strategic relationship with Envisio, who have developed an innovative cloud-based software that helps you execute your strategic plan, align your team and achieve results.



vandeStadt design works collaboratively with clients to create thoughtful and effective design solutions. SBP has worked closely with Kate from vandeStadt Design to create professional and visually impactful brand identities, reports, and public documents for our clients.


Town Planning

Tract is a leading professional consulting firm providing services in landscape architecture, planning, urban design and 3D media. SBP partner with Tract to bring comprehensive planning and design services to projects of all scales and complexities.

WT Partnership


WT Partnership are award-winning international cost management consultants, quantity surveyors, sustainability consultants, asset and building consultants, PPP advisors and facilities managers. SBP partner with WT to bring expert knowledge that covers the building, construction and infrastructure sectors, as well as the management of facilities.